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The president word


Tunisia welcomes each year more than five million tourists, and this figure is in a constant raise. The chain EL MOURADI HOTELS, sees not only the number of its hosts to increase themselves but to become faithful friends... In that, it embodies and claims the unchanging values of the country: hospitality, opening, diversity. Its hotels propose a choice of destinations (North to South, coast to desert), of categories (hotels four and five stars, clubs and even « all Inclusive » and of motivations (relaxation, wellbeing, conventions, discovery, adventure...). Whatever his option, the customer of EL MOURADI HOTELS is assured of a service characterized by the quality of the welcome, the variety of the products, the comfort of the installations.

This fidelity, we do not take it for chance, or for granted. Who chooses our country looks for, and finds, beauty, security, warmth, tradition. At two hours in average of most of the European capitals, the climate of serenity and the friendly mood that reign in Tunisia attract, then enchant. Hotels of high standard, a quality service and an attention of all the instants finish designating Tunisia as ideal destination accessible to all the desires.

I honour myself to be President and Founder of the hotel chain becoming the most important one of Tunisia thanks to our conscience of the country various trumps as well as the expectations of its hosts. While striving to reply to a more exacting request in the destinations, the formulas, the accommodations, the chain EL MOURADI HOTELS grew, with the satisfaction of counting more and more numerous faithful guests..

Chief Executive Officer
M.  Néji MHIRI

The group

A chain, a group

Becoming leader of the hotel chains in Tunisia, the chain El Mouradi represents today 16 000 beds and 17 unities of superior categories (3, 4 and 5 stars)split up on the regions of Sousse El Kantaoui, Hammamet, Djerba, Tunis-Gammarth, Mahdia, Monastir, Douz and Hammam Bourguiba. The chain has thus the widest cover of the different country regions through new hotels or recently renovated ones offering the comfort and the best services respecting the modern and international standards and the expectations of tourists.

The ascension of the chain El Mouradi was often associated to a new approach of the hotel business, said « industrial » that owes its success to organization, to perseverance and to proven methods on management in other industrial sectors. Nothing astonishing thereto, since the Hotel chain constitutes the tourist part of a group established from an industrial company, MEUBLATEX, created in 1972 and presided by Néji Mhiri.

In fact, the name of Néji Mhiri has first been associated to the company Meublatex and to his network of furnishing stores. To launch himself in the Hotel business was all natural, as the two trades are in narrow report with people new life standard and their aspirations regarding comfort and wellbeing. Today, the group of Néji Mhiri is articulated around an industrial centre with Meublatex, that employs 8 000 persons (19 production unities and 120 sale points for a total investment of 480 millions Dinars) and of a tourist group with El Mouradi Hotels, the first Tunisia chain (17 unities totalising 16 000 beds), the travel agency VLT and a central laundry. The Group represents a total investment of 560 millions Dinars and employs 4 000 persons.